Contribute to a better climate with CO2 neutral transport

By launching its Net Zero Carbon programme, Withofs Bulk Logistics actively contributes to the reduction of CO? in transport and logistics. In addition to the continuous reduction of its own CO? emissions, the company now offers its customers solutions for reducing the CO? footprint of their supply chain.

 Withofs is aware of its social responsibility to help reduce CO? emissions. And the next (logical) step is to involve customers in this by offering customers the opportunity to reduce their own CO? footprint. To achieve this, Withofs invests in international CO? compensation projects that, for example, combat deforestation and / or realize the planting of new trees. The emission credits obtained are in accordance with the highest international standards. By paying a small extra contribution as a customer, Withofs can fully compensate the impact of its services, hereby obtaining 100% carbon neutral transport.

Withofs is even preparing to go the extra mile: we are also actively reducing our own emissions through a combination of investments in new equipment and the use of state-of-the-art bio fuels. To benchmark our reduction targets, we use the Paris Climate Agreement. In this agreement the carbon reduction needed to limit climate change to max. 1.5°C has been established.

Because of this effort, Withofs is preparing to lead the way to a 1.5°C world (SBTi) and become a pioneer and climate front-runner in the transport industry.

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